Why We Need Chimney Sweeps – Carbon Monoxide!


No, it’s not just gas fires that produce carbon monoxide. Any fuel you burn does – solid fuel appliances and open fires actually produce more. As long as your chimney and flue are doing their job exhausting it to the atmosphere then everything’s fine. This is why it’s important to have a qualified chimney sweep clean and check over your chimney regularly.

Why We Need Chimney Sweeps – Carbon Monoxide!

If your chimney is quite old then the clay lining may well have deteriorated. Tar and creosote from the smoke break down linings over time, and once this can get into the brickwork or chimney fabric it will seep through and cause staining – and possibly allow carbon dioxide to escape into the house. A further risk is a chimney fire (or worse) if the flammable tar/creosote stuck to the flue catches fire.

At the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps all our members are fully trained, and adhere to set standards of excellence when it comes to service and safety. They are HETAS registered, which is the official government-recognised body for solid fuel appliances.

All of our members will have a comprehensive knowledge of your appliance, vents and chimney. They will spot any problems and advise you on the best solutions.

Even better, they will sign everything off for you so that you know that you are safe – with a properly installed and maintained appliance and clean, efficient chimney. This not only saves you money but also gives you peace of mind – your ‘certificate of sweeping’ will satisfy your insurance company. Chimney fires are not covered if a chimney has not been properly swept.

Why We Need Chimney Sweeps – Carbon Monoxide!

If you are looking to find a chimney sweep, and want to be sure of expert service and advice to keep your home safe, then have a look at our website. You can search through our list of member profiles to find a local sweep that will best suit you.