Home Security Systems For A Secured Life


Gadgets for home security are getting very common these days. A wide variety of home security systems ranging from DIY kits to sophisticated gadgets are available in markets today. Out of all the security gadgets being sold in the markets, burglar alarms are the most common and are being installed by lots of families to keep their homes safe from thefts and burglary.

Types of Home Security Systems

  1. Simple Burglar Alarms – They are easy to be installed and provide most basic form of house safety. These simple gadgets are positioned around doors and windows around the house. Whenever an intrusion is sensed, the associated alarm goes off loud that not only scares the thieves but also alerts neighbors and members in the house.


  1. Easy to install.
  2. Available at affordable costs.


  1. These systems can be easily broken by burglars.
  1. Monitored Security Systems – This kind of home security systems reviews is similar to simple alarm systems but the difference is that they are connected to a monitoring service. Whenever an intrusion is detected by these systems, a signal is sent to the monitoring centre which is operative 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. A representative from the monitoring system will immediately inform about the theft to the concerned authorities (like the local police) on your behalf.Some of the added advantage of these systems as compared to simple alarm systems is listed below.


  1. Some of the monitored security gadgets come bundled with security apps that can be installed on your mobile phones. With these apps, whenever you are away, you are still in constant touch with your home and family.
  2. Lots of insurance companies give a rebate on home insurance premiums if you have a monitored security system installed in your house.
  3. Monitored security systems also sometimes come bundled up with extra security gadgets for extra security of your home.

i.      Glass Break Sensors- to detect breakage of window glasses.

ii.      Panic Buttons – these can be triggered for help in emergency situations. Panic buttons come as a boon when there is an intrusion in your house and you are alone. If this panic button is with you, the button can be pressed to inform the monitoring services about the intrusion.

iii.      Security System Keypads – these come along advanced monitored security systems and can be installed in multiple rooms of your house. So, whenever you detect an intrusion, just press a button on the keypad and signal would be sent to the monitoring station and police control room.


  1. Their installation is tricky and only specialized professionals can install them.
  2. Depending on number extra services (like additional gadgets, apps), these security systems can be costlier.

Security systems bundled with cameras can make your homes even more safe and secure. Cameras for both the indoor and outdoor security of your homes can be installed along with the security alarm systems. Some cameras offer the functionality of video recordings. Such cameras capture each and every type of activity happening inside and outside your home. With some of the advanced cameras you can even get live status of your house on your mobile phones through internet connectivity.

Apart from all the types of security systems listed above, there are many more varieties which can be researched in the markets as per your needs and special requirements.